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We all love sinking into a clean bathtub full of hot water as a part of our relaxation routine. However, those precious tubs need maintenance. Bathtub reglazing is one of the most effective ways to save money compared to purchasing a new fixture. If you’ve got an old, chipped, or damaged bathtub, DC Bathtub Refinishing can make it look brand new. I am a skilled technician operating in Stone Mountain, GA.

I have mastered the art of tub reglazing to perfection. It is a type of renovation that adds to the overall beauty of the whole room. The process consists of a few main phases. I always start by removing the old glaze or finish with my specialized equipment. Once I am done with that stage, I clean the whole fixture thoroughly to remove the finish residue and dust. Then, the tub is ready to be glazed. I typically apply two coats of fast-drying epoxy to ensure the finish coat adheres to the surface and finish the process with a polyurethane topcoat. I usually spray on these finishes for a smooth, even result and then polish the tub to a high-gloss shine.

Even though the process looks simple at first glance, I wouldn’t recommend DIY work. To reglaze a bathtub, I have gone through pretty rigorous training and many years of apprenticeship to perfect my skills. I know what products to use to achieve an impeccable final result. I operate a sander, which necessitates specific dexterity. My bathtub reglazing services are quick and produce spectacular results. Regain the previous glory of your tub with my professional work. It’s much cheaper than replacing it with a new model. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, call me, and I will give you a quote.

DC Bathtub Refinishing operates in Stone Mountain, GA, and I will be happy to help give new life to your old bathtub. For any questions about my job and rates, give me a call at (770) 470-0750.

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